Spring 2019 [1]

Date:Friday Night Activity
1/11Growing into Christ [Inward]
1/18Prayer and Worship [Upward]
1/25Help My Unbelief! [Inward]
2/1“It’s Complicated” Part 1 [Inward]
2/8“It’s Complicated” Part 2 [Inward]
2/15“It’s Complicated” Part 3/Valentine’s Day Banquet [Inward/Outward]
2/22“It’s Complicated” Part 4 [Inward]
3/1What Sin Does: Enslaves Part 1 [Inward]
3/8Ash Friday Service [Inward]
3/15Prayer and Worship [Upward]
3/22What Sin Does: Destroys Part 2 [Inward]
3/29Bowling  [Outward]
4/5What Sin Does: Confuses Part 3 [Inward]
4/12What Sin Does: Divides Part 4 [Inward]
4/19Good Friday Service
4/26Living in the Resurrection [Inward]
5/3Faith and Social Media Part 1 [Inward]
5/10No Youth Group
5/17Faith and Social Media Part 2 [Inward]
5/24Faith and Social Media Part 3 [Inward]
5/31End of Year Games and BBQ [Outward]

Sunday School Syllabi

[1]Pastor David will send students emails on a weekly basis, letting them know about upcoming youth group activities and special events. If you are not on the current mailing list, let Pastor David, or a youth leader, know so you can be updated with what’s taking place. Keep in mind, changes may occur to the schedule, whereupon students will be notified as early as possible.