Summer 2019 [1]

Friday Night:

Life groups will be the main focus of Friday night youth group during the summer. They will meet every Friday per the usual time [7:30pm-10:00pm]. Occasionally, we will do things together as a youth group as well.

Please keep in mind that Pastor David will be taking his sabbatical leave during the month of July. During that month, his life group members will temporarily join other groups.

Sunday School:

We will not be having a traditional Sunday school. This will give everyone – leaders and students alike – the chance to rest and unwind from a dense year of Sunday school. Instead, we’ll have a morning devotional, spending time in reading the Psalms together, followed by a time of corporate worship and prayer. 

Summer Retreats:

  • [6/28-6/29] Calvary’s church-wide retreat at the Incarnation Center
  • [7/29-8/1] J-Gen youth conference at Taylor University

Major Events:

  • [7/2] Hillsong United concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York
  • [8/9] Senior banquet for graduating students
  • [8/16] Matriculation of new, sixth grade students

[1]Pastor David will send students emails on a weekly basis, letting them know about upcoming youth group activities and special events. If you are not on the current mailing list, let Pastor David, or a youth leader, know so you can be updated with what’s taking place. Keep in mind, changes may occur to the schedule, whereupon students will be notified as early as possible.