Our Rules

We are committed to fostering within our youth group a culture that stirs each person towards the goal of knowing and loving Jesus Christ. We do this by loving one another, as Christ taught us, through observing these rules. These rules exist to help us better embody the gospel – as we aim to serve, love, and bless one another – through respecting our leaders and friends, and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment.

I. Category One: Spiritual Authority and Leadership [Hebrews 13:17]

1. Obey pastor and yg leaders when they ask you to do something; this means no talking back

2. When pastor is preaching or giving directions, do not speak while he is speaking [though feel free to ask questions afterwards], and put away anything that would distract you or your neighbors

3. Communicate with them often, ask for prayer, and seek help and counsel when needed

II. Category Two: Loving One Another [John 13:34]

1. Do not swear or use foul language

2. Racist remarks, whether they are meant to be a joke or not, are prohibited

3. Gentlemen will take advantage of opportunities to serve our youth group ladies

4. Do not hit or throw objects at one another

5. PDA or other forms of inappropriate, physical contact is not allowed

6. Do not gossip by talking about someone behind his or her back

7. Drugs, (electronic) cigarettes, alcohol, and/or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited

8. No inappropriate or revealing articles of clothing

III. Category Three: Being Faithful Stewards [1 Chronicles 29:14-19]

1. Take care of Youth Ministry Center

         a. clean up after yourselves and even others

         b. keep children out (in a kind and gentle manner)

         c. when not in use, turn off lights, a/c, and anything else using power

2. Do not touch youth pastor’s belongings on his desk, unless told otherwise

3. Use game and other equipment for their appropriate purpose

4. Do not touch musical equipment, unless pastor or leader tells you otherwise

5. If you break or lose something, let pastor or leader know right away

IV. Category Four: All for God’s Glory [1 Corinthians 10:31]

1. Do your assignments and readings for Sunday School 

2. Show up on time for all youth group activities

3. Be engaged and participate while you’re here

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

5. Respond to weekly emails/announcements within 2-3 days of them being sent

6. Do your best to communicate to your parents what’s taking place within youth group 

7. No whining or complaining [to be thankful in all situations, and to be a part of the solution instead of the problem]