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Blue Pill or Red Pill

By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 19:21-41 The 1999, sci-fi/action film, The Matrix, eerily depicts the not-too-distant future of when human beings have finally been overrun by the devices of their own making, namely, machines and artificial intelligence. The machines have enslaved human beings by plugging them into the matrix. And so, Morpheus and his motley crew of unplugged soldiers...Read More

The Sons of Sceva

By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 19:11-20 Along with the other apostles, Paul shares in the extraordinary experience of performing miracles. And like Simon the Magician (8:18-21), the wannabe exorcists see from afar that the apostle has something they want. Power. Indeed, how does this man perform such wonders? Well, they hear Paul invoking the name of the Lord Jesus....Read More

Humanities of the Gospel

By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 17:1-15 Marilynne Robinson once said the humanities (e.g. theology, philosophy, history, literature, classics, arts) are well-named because they do just that. They humanize. In a bygone era, educators used to believe that central to the task of human flourishing was to educate students in such a way that they become ardent pursuers of what's...Read More

Demonic Economy

By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 16:16-24 There is a slave girl in the Roman city of Philippi. Her body belongs to her owners, but her soul belongs to the demonic spirit. The slavemasters and the demon are close economic allies, because they mutually profit from the girl's misery and captivity. For her owners, the divination (i.e. fortunetelling) literally brings...Read More


By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 15:22-41 After much deliberation, the elders and apostles reach an agreement (vv.22-29). The Gentiles are not to be burdened with the fine print of Jewish law (e.g. dietary restrictions, circumcision) since they are now saved by faith through the grace of Christ Jesus (15:11). This is a great moment for the church, as an...Read More

Witness In Growth

By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 15:1-21 As more and more Gentiles come to believe, some of the Jews grow increasingly alarmed. They observe that these Gentile Christians are not obeying the laws and customs of Moses, in this particular case, the practice of circumcision. As a result, this continues to stir theological debate within the early church. Some believe...Read More

To Those Who Want Him

By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 14:1-28 Through the missionary activity of Barnabas and Paul, the God of grace presents himself to those who have yet to hear and receive his good news. However, we see their message being rejected in a twofold manner. In vv.1-7, 19-23, the religious leaders of the synagogue foment religious violence against Barnabas and Paul,...Read More

When the Spirit Speaks

By Pastor David M. Choi Acts 13:1-12 What does it mean to listen to the Holy Spirit? Listening to the Holy Spirit means courage, because it is nothing less than wholly entrusting ourselves to the Lord and his direction for our lives. Equally important, listening to the Holy Spirit also means prudence, because it requires that we discern the genuineness...Read More